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Q, Any FDA or CE approved?

A,SQT Beauty Spongilla Spicule Set was registered with US-FDA, passed CPNP, SCPN, CPSR, SGS, ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,CMA certification,PONY and CNAS test.

Q,How do I become your Brand Agent?

A,We set quarterly purchasing targets for agents based on population and GDP, please check out this section of our website TO BE AGENT, leave your contact details and information about your city, we’ll arrange for someone to introduce you to more


Q,How to start and improve my SQT business?
A,4 Sales Channel as following

a. Create a new website for SQT local marketifava

b. Do advertisements on the network platform if available.

c. Give Special offers for Model testing or hold activities to attract more customers to understand and experience the wonderful effects of biomicroneedling.

d. Find local distributors sale together.


Q,What support will I receive as a agent?


  • 50% OFF the lowest price on orders.
  • 3 months preparation period.
  • We will provide you with manuals, documents, videos, certificates, feedback photos, posters, free samples.
  • Agency area protection. (All local customers will need to buy from you)
  • We will promote and get more clients to come to you for training.
  • Event promotional gift support.
  • Check the AGENT RIGHTS section for more details. ➡


Q,How does SQT regulate agent protected areas?

A,We will not develop and sell in the area where has agent, and will pass on to an agent when we encounter a local customer. If you are in an area where there is an agent, please contact the local agent directly and she will provide you with a preferential purchase price and excellent service on behalf of SQT.


Q,Where/how to sell as a agent?

A,Our agents have different sales methods, the following are for your information:

  • Website sales.(allowing customers to buy from the website themselves)
  • Training courses.(free full range of products for a training fee)
  • Daily physiotherapy service.
  • Set up next level of distributors and give good prices to those who buy more. 

Q,How do I sell these products?

A,We will prepare brochures and posters for you to place in your clinic to promote your products. SQT will publish your exclusive distributor information on the official website so that aestheticians in the local city know that they can buy directly from you. In addition, all enquiries and orders we receive from the local area will be forwarded to you. I am sure that with your influence and our publicity, selling the products will be easy.

Q,What’s the treatment for a client? How often does it take between two treatments?

A, Depends on the skin type and specific skin problems.

  1. For oily and mixed skin, using SQT Resurfacing Repair Set to treat pimples, acne, diminish acne marks, improve acne skin, etc. requires1-2 courses of treatment,A course consists of four treatments with a 2-week interval between treatments; using SQT Revitalizing Beauty Set to improve skin texture, even skin tone, delicate skin, and lighten melanin requires 2 to 3 courses of treatment, 2 weeks between treatments.
  2. For dry and sensitive skin, it takes 2~3 treatment courses to use the Rejuvenating Beauty Kit to adjust skin texture, even skin tone, delicate skin, and lighten melanin,2 treatments the interval is 3-4 weeks.


Q,What's your lead time (the days from order to delivery)?

A,Spongilla beauty set will be shipped within 24 hours after payment. DHL exclusive airline.

<3 working days for Southeast Asia Asia

<5 working days for Europe / North America

<7 working days for Global reach


Q,How many micro needles does each bottle of this set have?

A,3-4million micro needles each bottle.(3 million micro needles for 0.5g white powder and 4million needles for 1g gray bottle. )


Q,Why not peel after treatment?

A,According to the feed-backs from 1132 our customers, 26.24% of users peeled for the first time, 63.78% of users peeled for the second time,79.15% of users peeled for the third time, and 90.19% of users peeled for the fourth time.


Q,Can spongilla spicule be used for face allergy?

A,It is not recommended to use spongilla spicule in the case of facial allergies.If it’s allergic skin, pls try it on the cheek first.If any irregular swelling on trial, pls remove it immediately and stop using it.


Q,When will the tingling on the face disappear?

A,spongilla spicule stays on the face for 24-48 hours,tingling will fade gradually as time goes on.


Q,Is it certain to peel after using spongilla spicule? Does peeling mean effectiveness?

A,Depends on the strength of the facial massage and personal skin type,the peeling effect varies from different person.The peeling area means the skin regenerates faster, the non-peeling area does not mean not renewed or without effect,just may be speed of renewal is relatively. 

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